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All you need is an email accountHotmail,Gmail or from any other email provider.
Then, complete all the fields with the personal details that are required, set your password and click on the “Register” button.
At a later point you can also customize your personal profile with  details about yourself and a cover photo.



Book an eCourse

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Our advanced booking calendar is simple to manage.
You check when our tutors are available for an eCourseOnline Tutoring Session and make your booking according to availability.
We also provide multi-booking.To book multiple eCourses (different hours and/or days).
You fill in your username, email and make the payment.
A confirmation email will be sent to you with all the details of your booking and the next steps that you should follow.Instructions on how to connect to our Virtual Classroom and how to start your eCourse



Join our Classroom

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About 10-15 minutes before the arranged eCourse, you will receive a Passcode (for example 6A1594EE-A7A6-44A0-B74A-CFAD657A947F) in your messages.
Follow the steps below:

  1. Log in to your profile on etutorme.uk at least 10 minutes before the time your eCourse starts.
  2. Copy the passcode.
  3. Go to your profile’s page and on the right sidebar find the “Join Virtual Classroom” tool, where you paste the code and provide the necessary information.
  4. Then you click the button “Enter Virtual Classroom” and you will be redirected to our virtual classroom.
  5. Wait for the tutor to log in and your eCourse will start.




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It’s free to join etutorme!

What do we offer you ? :

  • One-οn-one tuition from the best tutors.
  • Unlimited access to our eLibrary with a variety of Educational Videos and Private Notes.
  • Use of the best online tutoring software on the market.

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Become an eTutor

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Register to become a FREE member of etutorme and upload your CV !

We will then examine your application and notify you of the next steps that you should follow.

We select only the best tutors. Our goal is to provide our students with an interesting, exciting and efficient online learning experience. We want our tutors to be passionate about what they do and inspire our students.

We provide online libraries, an Educational Videos section, a Private Notes section and many other online tools that will help our students get the most out of their membership on etutorme! Our tutors are welcome to contribute with any useful material they have. Contribution is always rewarded by etutorme.

So, are you willing to join our team?




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Every member of etutorme gets access to our eLibrary for free. Our eLibrary comprises of
Educational Videos as well as Private Notes  which become available to all our members for free.
Educational Videos and Private Notes are brought to you in collaboration with some of the best tutoring websites and include videos and notes on  mathematics and  physics, past papers on mathematics and  physics, etc.

Our eLibrary is constantly being updated with new material.
All you have to do is join etutorme.